Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sears Roebuck: Silvertone 3093A

Where did I find it: EBAY

Price: Starting Bid $449.99
Seller: http://myworld.ebay.com/coffeeboy2/

Manufacturer: Sears Roebuck
Model: Silvertone 3093A

Description: Vintage Super Rare 1960's Sears Roebuck Silvertone model 3093A Tube Hi-Fi Stereo Console AM/FM Radio and 4 Speed Phonograph. Has original Turntable & automatic record spindle adaptor and the complete schematic and owners manual. Tubes listed and installed in the power amplifier are 4- EL84 or 6BQ5 and 2- 12AX7A. Tubes in the tuner / preamp section are 1- 12AT7, 1- 6EZ8, 1- 6EU7, 1- 6C9, 1- 6AL5, 1- 6BA6, 2- 6AU6, 1- 6BE6 and 1- EM84 or 6FG6 (tuning eye). The maual rates the amp @ 80 watts peak or 30 watts music power. The tuner section is an AM, FM Multiplex The changer s a Silvertone Medalist, 4 speed. The unit works pretty well, but there is static in the controls, and it sounds like the turntable needs a new stylus. Cabinet is gorgeous, and is a French Provincial Fruitwood, and very nice, with only some minor nicks and scrapes. This is real wood, and would clean up beautifully. There are 2- 12" Utah or Oxford woofers #465-219, D33-551-4A, 12J4-8 , and 2- 3.5" Fisher tweeters #33-252-4, 1056-224. There are numbers on the amp transformers. The large black transformer is # 606215. There are two sets of numbers on each of the silver transformers, 606-2-23 and 80-161-1. Hope this helps.This is a rare specimen, totally original, never been molested. These are getting near impossible to find complete, sellers have been breaking them up and parting them out since ebaY began. Measures approx. 55"W x 17.5"D x 31.5"H.

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